Words From Years Ago

I have been spending time writing about my new body of work entitled The Haunting for an upcoming exhbition at the end of September. So I felt it important to put down some thoughts and insights I've had over the last six months. I write as a form of studio practice to help me articulate what it is I am doing and why. These writings often come in bits and pieces only later to be formed into a whole because I can never say with certainty what a body of work really is until I have spent much time with it. Having said that, I occassionally have moments where the present connects to some past writing. Today I found one such piece and, with a little editing to make it more clear, have decided to post it since it is fitting for this new work yet still connects to the over arching practice. I will be posting more writings in the near future that specifically address themes and ideas about The Haunting. 

There is something about how the act of painting reflects one’s disposition.  In one way, composing and rendering an image is to come closer to that image while in another it opens up contemplation. For me, it is not enough to accurately render or represent, instead the image should truthfully represent. Because of this I often find myself desiring an environment that reflects my disposition so that what is painted becomes a link between the interior and exterior worlds. Through painting I reconstruct my reality as I feel it to be rather than how I perceive it to be.  This relationship of disposition to painting is actively manifested as each painting undergoes a series of re-workings until resolution comes in a solemn or silent state. As a result, what is left is something which truthfully suggests an unseen world, one which is felt.